Dabbling in Digital Art (on my new tablet)

A few months ago I started to draw again and took up watercolouring my sketches. Getting obsessed, as I often do with my little projects,I became increasingly frustrated how I couldn’t sketch or watercolour during my hour bus commute to work.

This is my first digital ‘painting’ :

Female passenger on my bus

Hang on; let me back track a little. One November morning I saw this lady with a beautiful blue coat and pink flower in her hair and I sat there trying to memorize all of the details; the cut of the coat, shadows on the seams, the blondes and browns in her hair.

I knew it was futile.

I knew I would forget all of the details almost immediately!

It is then, in desperation to record some elements for using as a reference back at home, I used my ‘S Memo’ app (on my Samsung G4).
It’s a preloaded app that is used for making types more like shopping lists but it has a handy function of being able to toggle between typing mode and drawing mode. You can see a bit of the canvas peeking out below the image (see picture above).

I actually like how it turned out at the end and have never re-sketched it into paper as I like it as a bit of work in it’s own right. The results encouraged me to try more. I tried  a few times but didn’t  have as much luck due to a few reasons. Lack of functions in the app, lack of precision and size of my phone screen.

Not as successful as my first digital painting

I won’t lie; the final result of this one discouraged me.

You can see here where I struggled to fit colours and features into small spaces. This was my last digital ‘ painting’ I did.

Since then, I have purchased a tablet. Asus MeMO ME572C and downloaded an app called SketchbookX.

Violetta - the older sister

Scarlet - the younger brother

I am astounded how much more power I have with this app and by using the tablet I have been able to work with a bigger canvas and a dedicated app. I still have the precision issues and am currently waiting on a stylus for more digital paintings!

So; I am feeling upbeat and positive for more digital artistic adventures! And if you haven’t tried digital painting then please do; you might just love it!

From my ASUS ME572C to you

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