Art Diary; Studies in Watercolours

I have never really used watercolours as a medium before; but at the end of last year I decided to give it a go! It was trial and error but it felt very comfortable and expressive. I love how, by using watercolour as a medium, I can create a picture that is borderline cartoon realism.


Below is one of my first watercolours before and after lining. I had started an art diary for a few days to get myself to draw / paint and it really did help with inspiration and getting past the ‘what do I Vee’s question that stops me in my creative tracks! It’s a really great way to keep a diary and have an excuse to do a few who I sketches/ paintings and using watercolours as a medium is perfect!



I went to a wedding recently and they had a postcard activity where you drew a picture of wrote a message on a little postcard then posted it into their cute, handmade postbox. I drew a wine glass then, lacking paint, I used a little bit of red wine for the colour. (It dried purple!) I loved how it looked like a splash!


I also painted them a picture and framed it up. This is the first portrait picture I had completed and the first portrait gift I had ever made! I was a bit nervous about giving it to them because I am a perfectionist and I could see bits weren’t right! I gave it to them anyway; accompanied with an apologetic note!


Here is my portrait I painted. I quite like it unlined; see what you think below



I also used Instagram as a source of inspiration. Here I found a picture of a butternut squash and watercolourised it. It’s my favourite so far šŸ™‚


I used a fine ink pen to line this piece; making it pop and adding detail.

I still have a way to go but I am loving watercolour SO much! I’m really surprised that almost instantly I found a stylus of work that suited me… I always wanted a style!!

I really urge anyone who has not used watercolours to just paint something, anything, and see how it goes!

Good luck! šŸ™‚

From my ASUS ME572C to you

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