Alice Loves Owls

Recently my mother has been going through a rough patch; suffering from severe depression, social anxiety and hallucinations. When it all began and she was just talking to me again, she told me a story.


As I laid on her bed, keeping her company and not really saying much, she started to mumble something about owls. She spoke the most coherent I had heard before it all began. She had thought of a story, containing one of my nieces and owls. As she spoke I noted it all down on my phone. Now; this was middle of last year, and I have had these images for the little story going round in my head. It’s  not complete but here are the main bits: image Alice likes big owls ( mom specifies the owl was on her blind) image Alice likes small owls ( she specifies the owl was on the door handle) image Here’s the page image Alice likes her soft owl (specifies that owl was on a cushion) image Alice likes her bright owl (on a lamp this time) image The whole page image Alice likes her helpful owl (on a coat hook) image Alice likes her warm owl blanket (I added this one in to even out the story) image The whole page Now I have to do a few specified pages at the beginning and I have a good idea for the end 🙂 What do you think? From my ASUS ME572C to you

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