Charity Shoppin’ in the UK

Ipswich has an abundance of charity and pound shops. The former is great and I haunt them regularly!

First up is this amazing turquoise bag (new!) and leopard print cardigan.

Turquoise bag. So pretty and shiny!
New bag and £1 cardigan.

Next up is this cute little red top with a ‘boat’ neckline and lace. It’s stretchy, fits well and is pretty. Ticks all the boxes! And for about £1 it’s the perfect price!

The red stretchy top. Bargains maximus



We ate at the Museum Street Cafe (Museum Street, Ipswich) for the first time. It’s on our doorstep so I can’t believe we’ve never been here before! From what the owner said- they don’t usually have many vegan options. They had mushroom soup & bread, hummus & pita bread, salad and what we had which was a black eyed bean bake with roasted vegetables topped with carrot and nuts. It tasted amazing and, even though we have been walking round all day, after eating this at 14:00 we both felt so satisfied that we haven’t had dinner…which is unheard of!

Me and the apple & date cake
Matti in the cafe and the guy who he recognised but I didn't...

I will definitely go back there but I will phone first to make sure there is some kind of option for us that is worth going there for.

Apple & date cake (vegan)

…like this cake 🙂

We walked to town, round town then back home and I am so glad we did. Having desk jobs are good but I miss being out and walking. Today was gorgeous with the first but if sun this year; shining all day!

Ipswich waterfront in the sunshine

Here was the waterfront on our way home (this is the bit that’s being built still)
I love days like this and feel accomplished in exercising, eating well and buying pre-order awesome goods!

Vee x

From my ASUS ME572C to you


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