DIY Crochet Hook Roll-up

Haven’t been on here in a while because I’ve been really busy making our wedding invites and flowers in my spare time. I’ve kind of finished with them now so I have a bit more free time (yaaay!) Today my mom came round to me and ended up gifting me a whole set of bamboo crochet hooks that she ‘couldn’t get on with’ score!

crochet hook roll-up pic
This is a pic of the roll; un-rolled


I raided my material box and found some thick canvas material for the outside, some pale blue and white polkadot cotton for the lining, some pink furry ribbon and blue nylon ribbon.

macro of pic ribbon
Close up of roll; pink fury ribbon, canvas outside, blue polkadot and the bamboo hooks 🙂
  1. I started with the outside and lining material on top of eachother; placing right sides in, against eachother then pinned
  2. I then placed the ribbon so the long bit was inbetween the right sides of the materials and just a small bit poked out one side, which I then pinned.
  3. I sewed all the way around, leaving about a 3-4inch gap. I then trimmed the edges and cut the corners off a little (this helps the look of it when you turn it right side out)
  4. I then turned the whole thing inside out- pushing the right sides through the 3-4 inch gap you left. (so the right sides and the ribbon is facing out.) Poke all the corners so they form good looking corners
  5. Pin all around the edge again and sew all the way round, making sure you tidy up the 3-4 inch gap you left so it looks like the rest of the sides.
  6. I sewed the ribbon to the top and bottom edge. Sew each side separately, don’t attempt to sew both edges of the ribbon at the same time! I sewed the edge that wouldn’t be seen 1st; line it up and make sure it is right to the edge of the fabric & sew, tucking the 2 ends under it as you go to keep it neat. Flip it then bend the ribbon over and sew the remaining edge. Repeat this for the other side.
  7. I then worked out how deep I wanted the pocket and top to be and tacked the edges with the sewing machine. I then sized up each pocket with the hook then sewed using the machine.
  8. Then I trimmed all strands of cotton and was finished (now do a victory dance!)
The finished product doing its thang!
The finished product doing its thang!

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