Update That Old Chalkboard

In this post I will talk about customising a chalkboard to make it your own.

me holding my chalkboard
That’s me, holding the newly framed chalkboard

I had a £1 chalkboard lying about the spare bedroom that I had bought for our upcoming wedding. Now I didn’t really like the wooden frame that was attached to the chalkboard. I thought of painting it and distressing it but I wanted something chunkier and with a bit of weight.

This was the original chalkboard (near enough) and the frame I used:

This is very similar to the wooden chalkboard I started with
black picture frame from Tesco
This is the picture frame I got from Tesco. It’s £7 on their website but it was on offer for £5.50 when I got it yesterday

I was quite lucky that this frame was a wall mount one so it didn’t have an annoying picture arm part at the back to contend with because i want this chalkboard to be handled by people for photos or in our photo-booth. It might be worth making sure that any prospective frame doesn’t have the picture arm; unless of course you want it to be able to stand up etc.

I did want it to look something like these:

ornate framed chalkboard
beautiful ornate framed chalkboard on Ebay
white ornate chalkboard
Another frame that i found…I still like the gold one better

But I was having a difficult time finding frames that weren’t really expensive. At the weekend I was going to check the local charity/thrift shops for cool frames, but I forgot to take the measurement of the chalkboard with me. Noooooo! So I had a quick look online in The Range- the frames weren’t coming up the size I wanted so I looked in Tesco’s yesterday evening and found one that was only and inch out and it was a fiver. Bargain!

The process was easy enough:

  1. Take the backboard, mount and glass from the frame (Mine broke when I pulled it out because it was glued, so be careful)
  2. Using the glass (if you have it) or backboard, size up the chalkboard and trim to size needed (I was quite lucky as I only had to trim off a 1 inch strip at the end)
  3. Place the chalkboard into frame, facing outwards as a picture would, along with the backboard. Use the foldy-metal-pin things to keep them in place.
  4. Flip round and admire your awesome looking frame and the weight that feels pretty damned good.

Good luck and happy creating! I hope someone finds this useful and I’d love to see pictures if you make one!

Vee x


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