Upcycling: from box to book

20160311_175434I had to add an elastic band to the black book so it would remain closed




I love Clipper teas and I love reusing and repurposing items; so this little project was really enjoyable.

Inspired by a new swivel stapler I purchased for myself (I recommend buying one; it’s a great investment!) I decided to embark on creating some notebooks from random pieces of scrap paper and card I had. My very beautiful Clipper tea box decided to become empty at the same time so I used it as the outside of 3 notebooks.

How is it done?

I decided to use the two faces of the box to create two large notebooks. One is pictured here (the black one) and the other isn’t finished yet. I cut the scrap paper down from some stained A3 paper I had lying around. I cut the paper so it was slightly smaller than the cover, folded in half, stacked the pieces up then stapled through the fold.


The other books were slightly smaller as they were made from the sides and the bottom of the box.

^ Click on the pictures to make them bigger

Different sizes

Here are 2 close-ups of the smallest of the 3 notebooks; I has some A6 sized flyers left over from an even so I folded in half and staples together; sandwiching the pages between the folded outer cover. The outer cover was created from two strips cut from the bottom of the box; it was most interesting because of it’s uneven and torn surface.

I also decided to add in a cute loop & knot to close the book.

^ Click on the pictures to make them bigger

Above is the medium sized book; I just loved the spoon design at either end of the box so I had them a front and back cover and staples the pages in-between. I scored the cover close to the binding staples so that, when used, the pages would have a good left edge to them which makes them easier to write on. I used the same method with the smaller book (above) – I have no idea what it’s called or even if it has a name!

^ Click on the pictures to make them bigger

Mochi cat loves the new books 🙂

Tips & things to try

Well I hope it’s been informative! My advice is to just have a go with whatever materials you have lying round the house. Why not try:

  • stitching the binding to make the books more recycle-friendly
  • or how about creating books with more pages?

I’d love to see how you make yours


Best of luck always,

Vee x



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