Upcycling: All Wrapped Up


Preparations can be made by saving old gift bags and wrapping paper or stocking up when there’s a sale on. The other way to prepare is to make your own wrapping/bags/bows from rubbish or scrap you have around the house.

There is always a birthday or celebration around the corner in our lives and it pays to be prepared.

Gift Bows

While browsing Pinterest I found this amazing link: How to make a gift bow. I must admit that I didn’t follow the measurements; I totally winged it and cut each size just a bit smaller than the last. I was really impressed with how it turned out and it just takes 1 magazine page for a palm sized bow.

The bow I made from 1x A4 magazine page. It looks exactly like a bought one!


The other link I found was to an origami bow that was really simple and quick to make. Again; the link was found on Pinterest: Origami Present Bow or follow these instructions


Mine turned out like this and I’m so very happy with them!:

 ^ Click images to make them bigger

 “Wow, this is so individual. Did you make this?”

Gift Bags

After you’ve bought or made that awesome gift, you’re going to need to present it in an equally awesome way. Making a gift bag is simple and the best part is that you can make it the size, colour and style you want.


These bags were made from some brown packing paper (that wrapped an online order) and an old manga/animé magazine. The red handles were from some scrap card we had laying about. They add a vibrant splash of colour and are sturdy for holding presents. Admittedly I don’t know how they will hold up with heavier gifts but we’ll cross that particular bridge when we come to it.

This Pin was the inspiration for the bags you see above. Again; I didn’t follow the measurements, I winged it. I also experimented taping 2x A4 magazine pages together so I could make a larger bag (the black and white one with ribbon handles).

Express yourself. Make use of whatever scraps you have and have fun. You can make a few bags and a bow while watching some telly in an evening, so there’s really no excuse for not getting creative!

Best wishes, always

Vee x



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