Staying On Mission with Reusable Face Pads

facewipe3As you may (or may not) know; my mission of 2016 has been to be more conscious about the environmental impact my household and I make on the environment. I have been reviewing the one-use items in my life and gradually replacing them with reusable, more sustainable and cost effective versions.

“Reduce what you have,
recycle what you don’t want
and reuse what you can”

My most recent endeavor, while clearing through the house, was to get rid of two towels. 1 towel I have cut into small squares for reusable face pads and the other is so old and threadbare I am not sure how to recycle it yet. It may become 2 towels or bed lining for the cat or maybe even some heavy duty surface wipes.

facewipe 4.jpg
Cleanser lotion on one of the face pads





I’m not 100% sure if these will hold up in the wash as they may fray. If this happens I might try sewing the edges, which I am trying to avoid doing because I’ve got quite a few. Another way to get round this is to hand wash them; all they are used for is cleanser face wiping so they aren’t going to be very soiled. I’ll try it out and provide an update here.

Using one of the face pads

Other ways I have tried to reduce, re-use and recycle:


Since April I have ditched the shampoo in place of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and using conditioner only once a week.
The ACV comes in glass bottles so they can be reused or recycled easily and because it is diluted 1:1 with water and recanted into a travel sized spray bottle; it lasts a very long time. It has lasted so long that I estimate that I have only used about 200ml since April. While I am still using conditioner it is a significantly reduced occurrence. The conditioner bottle can also be fully recycled.
More about my cowashing routine will be in a future post that I haven’t written yet but I’ll link it here when I do!

Meal Planning

Another way I have cut down on the waste that I produce is to plan my meals in advance and be mindful of items that need to be used up. (See my Update That Old Chalkboard post for a useful tool for weekly meal plan- it’s what I use!)

I have also gone through my house, room by room, and removed of a lot of my items of clutter and things I just do not need any more. These items have been given away to friends, charity shops or sent for recycling where possible.

I try to use reusable surface cloths where possible, however I still use tissues for the cat’s food bowl. (i don’t fancy putting that into my washing machine!) But I’m sure there can be a better way…

Reusable Sanitary Towels

Reusable sanitary towels that I bought from ETSY

I now use reusable sanitary items most of the time now, with the exception of when my flow is very heavy. See my page Mission of 2016 for a little bit more information on these.

I suffer from very heavy periods and I don’t think that reusable pads would hold up to the job! However I am willing to be proved wrong and will keep searching for a product that can balance my lifestyle, work and environmental requirements.

So have a go; reduce what you have, recycle what you don’t want and reuse what you can.


Best wishes, always

Vee x




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