Fresh Mint Tea



This post is dedicated to Mint. It’s beautiful, refreshing, tasty and really easy to grow.


I picked up my Mint plant at a Tesco store when it was reduced to something silly like 25p. I hoped that when I got it home it would grow and I would get a return on my 25p investment. I plonked it into a pot just bigger than the plant, packed it in some new soil, watered and left it in the garden. Mint is a hardy plant and my only warning is to NOT plant it directly into your garden because it will go crazy and you will have a field of Mint…. which doesn’t sound too bad actually.

This is so easy, it doesn’t need much explanation

  • Grow some mint
  • Pick the mint (see how to properly cut Mint Here )
  • Go back and pick some more because you have realised you need quite a lot
  • Wash the mint
  • Pour boiling water onto the mint leaves
  • Brew for 3-5 minutes (I left my leaves in the drink but you could take them out if you want)
  • While it’s brewing, think about planting a LOT more mint plants to enable daily consumption
  • Enjoy


Best of luck, always

Vee x



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