It’s a Wrap

WrapNMat in use with apple and jar of nuts

Trying to be leaner? Greener? Trying to save a bit of cash? I recommend giving these nifty Wrap N Mats  a go and you won’t want to reach for the cling film or foil again.

While I am trying to stay on my Mission of 2016, I am slowly trying to find more sustainable alternatives to my everyday items.

“If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled or composted, then it should be restricted, redesigned or removed from production.” 

Pete Seeger (1919 – 2014)

I had a light-bulb moment a few weeks ago and thought ‘where does all of that clingfilm go that we use?’ insert worried face. I decided to go on a hunt for alternatives to clingfilm that would still enable me to make our sandwiches the night before and for them to still be fresh the next day. Here are the options I found:


Biodegradable clingfilm

  Telegraph Article (2011) on newly launched biodegradable clingfilm 

  • While this is a good idea, it is not sold at a shop that I would usually go to or that is close to me so it would not be an economical for me to buy this
  • It has a shelf life, so if you don’t use it within the amount of time stated then i guess it would start to break down (great for the environment, bad for long storage)
  • It’s quite expensive per roll
  • The roll has to be manufactured- how much energy is used in the manufacture of this product as it is still one use? It makes much more sense to get something reusable

DIY sandwich wraps

 Instructables- sandwich Wrap

Envelope style sandwich pouch

  • Great ideas- not sure on how fresh this would keep the sandwiches though?
  • You’d need time to make them
  • You could definitely recycle some old fabric to make these, reducing some more waste in the process!

Sandwich wraps  (The one I bought)

Guardian review of 5 sandwich wraps

Onya Bags- buy them here

  • Personally, this is the best option I found. No messing about making sure I could get hold of food-grade plastic or whether i’d sewn it right (although I would like to make some myself in the future)
  • The wraps come in different sizes and colours to suit all needs
  • I’d be supporting a local company (based in Suffolk, UK) while reducing my waste. Double awesome



  • This item is not vegan, so I will not buy it, seeing as there are great alternatives out there. I thought I would still include it on the list for any non vegans.


Review of the Wrap N Mat

3 Wrap n Mats
The 3 Wrap N Mats from Onya Bags

I genuinely can’t believe how I haven’t been using these before

So I bought myself 4 Wrap N Mat style sandwich bags (3 from Onya Bags via Amazon and 1 from somewhere else because it was a tad cheaper). Delivery was quick (within a few days) and I used them the very next day.

^ Click the pictures bigger

  • They kept my sandwiches fresh for 12 hours
  • Kept sandwiches quite cool
  • It kept the filling secure so the sandwich didn’t fall apart
  • The Wrap kept my sandwiches from being compressed or squished during transport to work
  • Doubles up as a hygienic mat for my desk (and it feels like your on your own picnic)

My husband used it during a Picnic at the weekend and it kept his knees crumb-free


Matt (husband) eating with venom and Ben playing Pokémon Go while picnicking at Felixstowe Seafront

Since buying them I’ve raved about them on my Instagram and Facebook. I’ve managed to get some people interested in buying them and even got a work colleague to actually buy some (yes!).

I genuinely can’t believe how I haven’t been using these before! Give it a go- try something a bit different and stop binning that clingfilm and foil unnecessarily.


Best of luck, always,

Vee x



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