Little By Little

Organic paper cotton budsWhere do used cotton buds go? It is something that I never, ever thought of. Read on to find out why you should replace those plastic sticks in your bathroom cabinet.

Following my recent posts about replacing various items in my life ( Mission of 2016 , Staying On Mission with Reusable Face Pads & It’s a Wrap ) I’ve found something else that I need to replace in my life that I use on a daily basis. Cotton buds!

Sign up and take The Good Buddy Pledge and pledge to stop using plastic cotton buds.

I highly recommend going over to Cotton Bud Project for more information about the issues surrounding plastic cotton buds and for great alternatives. You can even sign up and take The Good Buddy Pledge to stop using plastic cotton buds. Why not sign up with a friend, colleague or family member? Spread the love.

Here’s the low down:

  • If cotton buds are flushed they can pass through waste treatment and end up in the ocean. This leads to deaths of marine life and plastic pollution.
  • Plastic takes a very long time to degrade, even if it is put in the bin and not flushed.
  • Plastic takes a lot of energy to produce
Image courtesy of alexiel-resources on Deviant Art

Big brands have started to listen

According to this Telegraph article Johnson & Johnson have stated that they will stop creating plastic cotton buds by the end of 2016. It’ll be interesting if other companies follow suite.


Where can I buy some?

I bought these cotton buds on Amazon. They are manufactured in the UK by Macdonald & Taylor, made from FSC paper and have 100% organic cotton tips. Have a look at their website Here. There are lots of options out there online as well as on the high-street in shops like The Body Shop, John Lewis and Marks & Spencer. So don’t be a Tosser; use paper and they’ll degrade quicker.

Best of luck, always

Vee x






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