Colchester’s 3rd Vegan Fair


The 3rd Colchester Vegan Fair was held at a great little venue called The Waiting Room on Saturday 20th August. It’s really close to the town center- over near the castle, and it comes complete with a mini kitchen bit that they used to serve tea, coffee and beers.

It’s great seeing a growing community so close to home. Fantastic stalls, great food really brilliant turnout. Read on for a peak of the stalls and merch that I bought.

Check out this awesome graffiti on the side of The Waiting Room

The Stalls We Visited

Below are pictures and a brief review of the food from each stall I visited.There were so many awesome ones that I didn’t go to them all, so unfortunately some are not on here. Sorry to anyone I did not write about; next time I’ll come and buy something from you:

All Glamour No Guts


First of all we visited the All Glamour No Guts stall; full of lovely totes, t-shirts, necklaces, badges, mirrors and stickers. I bought a ‘Vegan’ mirror (pictured above, left) and a sticker. Definitely go check out their well crafted merch!

Unless- Hardcore Vegan Catering

We then went on to meet the super nice Unless Hardcore Vegan catering

^ Click the pictures bigger

The Seitan kebabs were awesome; really juicy and filling. I saved mine until I was home (knowing that I wanted to eat some other things while I was out.) I also got a cheesecake and ate it at home, too. They kept really well in my bag all day- pretty surprised really! I would have loved to have tried the burger- the bun looked amazing!

Thanks for the food, sticker and pin!

Battered: Vegan Vish & Chip Van

This is what I had been dreaming about for a few weeks….20160820_114642-1.jpg

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I’ve wanted to try vegan fish for ages now and i’m so happy I did! With my eyes being considerable bigger than my belly; I decided to order the Vish & Chips with tartar sauce AND a battered sausage… well it’s not like i’d get one again anytime soon. In my defense I thought the Vish would be smaller.

Vish with tartar sauce – Click for bigger picture

The Vish was amazing. It was the combination of batter, tofu, and fishy taste of the seaweed that gave it the same ‘mouth-feel’ of fish. Well, how I remember it ( it’s been about 10 years since I last ate fish!). It’s difficult to describe the texture of the tofu; it was kind of chewy but not rubbery or anything. Good though.

The tartar sauce was really tasty, too. To be honest, I never really had tartar sauce before I was veggie/vegan so I can’t really compare it. It was creamy and herby and really complimented the Vish



Battered sauxage-  click for a bigger pic


The battered sausage was immense. it tasted kind of pork-like and it was just as greasy as I remember them. (which is good)

A part of me also wanted to try the battered pie. Then an even bigger part of me  thought about the actual capacity of my stomach… I can’t even think of what it would look or taste like. I really wish i’d bought one home now!


Food By Lizzi


Ah; lovely Lizzi! Food By Lizzi was based outside under the cover along with a lot of the food stalls. The food was selling fast and we were lucky to be able to purchase some. On only her 2nd vegan fair she was able to sell out her stock before the end of the day. Well done Lizzy 🙂

The Den at 23

Our favorite Colchester based Vegan café The Den  at 23 was representing with beautiful handmade cakes, crisps, chocolates and spray Soyacream (Soyatoo). The staff there work so hard; while 3 members of staff were manning the stall; 3 more were working in the cafe all day then heading straight to the Vegan Fair after party to sell more.

^Click the pictures bigger

Hats off to you all- you did wonderfully and you enabled me to have a spiffing latte the next morning.

Badgers- Dairy & Egg Free


We met Badgers last year at Colchester’s 2nd Vegan Fair and we really enjoyed his non-egg mayo. This year I made a b-line for his stall, knowing they will sell out quite quickly. I had a sneaky taste of the egg mayo pictured above, on a cracker, to check if it was as good as I remembered. Oh boy it was.

Again, these sold out by the end of the day. I’m kind of kicking myself because I didn’t get 2 boxes…

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Sea Shepherds

^Click the pictures bigger

The people on this stall were lovely and I am in awe of their constant campaigns and conservation efforts that speak for the voiceless marine wildlife. Check out my awesome new turtle patch!

North East Essex Badger Group


I got to briefly chat to the stall holders for the North East Essex Badger Group regarding this recent Guardian article. Their passion was evident through their flyers, knowledge and future work that they mentioned. They also had a cookbook stocked full of loads of tasty recipes for a ridiculously cheap price!

Click here to donate to North East Essex Badger Group

^click the pictures bigger

Global Fusion Creole

The black forest cake *drool*

We saw Global Fusion Creole last year and I remember the queue I had to stand in to get a few cakes.I am really sad I couldn’t buy anything this year but they arrived as we were leaving and I was so incredibly full by that point I couldn’t justify buying any more cake.

Their cakes are immense and I suggest buying a piece (or two) if you are lucky enough to see them.

Wildflour Vegan Kitchen


20160820_121336-1.jpgWe had the pleasure of sampling one of Wildflour Vegan Kitchen’s Lemon Meringue Pies a few weeks ago while at The Den at 23 (Colchester). The pie was amazing; light fluffy aqua faba topping with a gorgeous lemony filling and pastry base.

I bought a meringue and a maracoon as I haven’t been able to master these yet. They were really tasty but my favourite was the meringue.

It made our tongues all multicoloured!

Unfortunately I did not take a picture of every stall; it was crowded and I was a bit embarrassed to keep asking people if I could take pictures of them/their stalls. The people I did ask/take pictures of were gems and were really good about it. Next time
I’ll pluck up more courage, maybe even take my camera along and take some real good snaps.

Here is a list of all of the stall holders that came to the event (sourced from the Colchester Vegan Fair Facebook page ) and I’ve put a slideshow together of then unused pics I took.

List of stall holders:

1. Battered-‘Fish’ and chips trailer
2. The Nourish Co– sausage rolls, scones, Kombucha, matcha
3. V Catering– Jackfuit, seitan, hotdogs.
4. The Den at 23-cupcakes, cookies, chocolate bars, crisps
5. Wildflour vegan kitchen– macarons, meringues, cookies
6. Bia Kitchen-Breakfast baps, hoagies, jackfruit baps
7. The Moral Munch-raw treats and mixes
8. Unless- Hardcore Vegan Catering– cheescake, ‘chicken’ schnitzels, BBQ seitan steak skewers.
9. Food by Lizzi-sausage rolls, scotch ‘eggs’ .
10. Organic Alex-raw and organic sweet and savoury food.
11. Laura Make Peace-raw chocolate and desserts.
12. Juicy Bar-smoothies and juices
13. Exotic Fruit stall-exotic fruits!
14. Badgers-egg and dairy free coleslaw, potato salad, ‘egg’ mayonnaise.
15. Global Fusion Creole-baked loaves and cakes.

16. All Glamour No Guts-jewellery, bags, tees.
17. Vegan Deviant-Tees.
18. Lucy’s Treehouse-toiletries & crafts
19. Lush– toiletries and kids stuff!
20. Vegan Life Magazine and Cook Vegan-magazines.

Campaign groups/charities
21. Sea Shepherd
22. The Hunt Saboteurs
23. Stop the Cull
24. The Animal Justice project
25. The Vegan Society
26. Wildlives animal rescue

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2 thoughts on “Colchester’s 3rd Vegan Fair

  1. It was a great fair this year, I missed last. But must mention the North East Badger Protection group who also had a stall this year, they do great work in protecting badgers and campaigning against the badger cull, they also educate and help people with any “problems” people have with badgers. Look forward to the next fair and delicious goodies.


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