Reusable Cooking Liners

In my Mission of 2016 I have vowed to search for replacements of one-use commodities in my life. I have been thinking of some kind of reusable cooking sheet-possibly silicone and then stumbled across these beauties in Tesco yesterday for £1.30 per pack.

^Click the pictures bigger

I genuinely had no idea these liners existed but I am very happy they do. They are flexible and easy to cut to size. I got three packs; 2 for each baking tray and one to cut into a circle for the frying pan (I would never of thought of that either, without looking at the back of the packet!)

^ Click the pictures bigger

I used it for the first time today to cook some cinnamon rolls. it worked beautifully; no waste, wipe clean and the rolls didn’t stick. It was placed in the dishwasher to clean it and came out perfect.

The baking sheet in use. It’s…so…BEAUTIFUL!

I really recommend these cooking sheets if you’re into reusable items, saving money and reducing waste. At only £1.30 you get a liner that will line 1 tray and 1 smaller tray,pan or cooking vessel. You won’t be disappointed!

Best of luck always,

Vee x





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