Sayagata Hoodies

close upOur good friend and local tattooist Sam Rivers has a new hoodie design available and a book!

Husband Gruff managed to get a hoodie for each of us… it’s the new his and her jumper in our household. Sam;  friend for many years, tattooist and fellow vegan, currently works in Curiosities Tattoo Studio in Ipswich and is always working on some kind of new project or planning a new adventure. His newest creation is this book for sale Sayagata: Design Patterns Of Interlocking Manji which features beautiful designs all produced by the man himself.

Cork backed tile

 He has also designed some tiles that now adorn at least one person’s bathroom and we’re going to commission some for our refurb in the future.

matt and me hand on side

So; here are some pictures of us wearing our new hoodies. Despite the warm weather the hoodies were welcome attire as there was a cold breeze when we decided to take some photographs!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What are you waiting for? Go buy one!

Best of luck, always

Vee x


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