Leon; Vegan Options Near London Liverpool Street


After a train journey from hell, eating here lifted our spirits, nourished and energised us for the day ahead.
The place was clean, well decorated and big with lots of tables to sit at. It also had several long tables which was ideal for our group of 8.

A picture of the outside of Leon, located at Spitalfield’s market. You have the freedom to sit outside, even if the weather is bad because it’s all under cover.

Ordering & Allergen Information

When you order, make sure you select the ‘vegan option’. The food pictured is not the only food on offer for Vegans, so i suggest you take a look at their website or request a menu.

Allergen notice up on the wall- the items are clearly marked on their menus which are displayed above the tills


Whats On Offer?

^ click the pictures bigger

Chips are my one true love (sorry Husband Gruff) and these chips were amazing; just like mini, crispy waffles! The hummus was really tasty; the tub was quite large and I ended up sharing with Husband Gruff and actually leaving some (*insert shocked face*).

The falafel box itself was great, too; a slice of lemon was provided for drizzling purposes and a salad that consisted of wholegrain rice, cabbage, peppers and herbs.

Any Issues?

There are only two grumbles I would like to make;

  1. have would be the plastic cutlery that was provided. Why not provide more sustainable options such as metal ones for those who eat-in and wooden ones for takeaway food.
  2. Where are the allergen free desserts? At the point of ordering I did not want a dessert, however I couldn’t find anything on the menu to detail that any would be available. Because I didn’t require a dessert on this visit, I didn’t ask the staff, so it could be that there are some available. (Do you know? then let me know in a comment below)
“It’s clear that plants, as well as the children, are our future”  I like the message!

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

There is due to be a Leon restaurant at London Liverpool Street station, according to the information on their website. yaaay! This is brilliant news for myself and fellow vegans who use this station, as the options for us will keep expanding.

I’d love yo know other people’s opinions on Leon. Have you eaten there? Did you like it? Did you have any issues with any allergen information provided or did you find that there were good options available?

Thanks for reading!

Best of luck always,

Vee x


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