At Twenty5 : Vegan Options in Ipswich


Our friend was back in town so a meetup was arranged for our group of friends. At Twenty5 was a great choice with a large seating area out in the patio area; ideal for large groups.

First Impressions

On our arrival the small restaurant was welcoming and first impressions were good. The staff looked smart and were easily identified by their aprons.

Sanpellegrino Limonata lemonade

Our friends had arrived before us so the friendly waitress left us with the wine list. She returned and kindly recited the soft drink list on request and she scurried away to fetch our selections.

For Starters

We had pre-ordered our food so we didn’t have to mess about ordering on the night. The waitress was very friendly and attentive; she enquired into the location of a missing guest so she could time the food right. Once the last person arrived the waitress then finished rounding up our drink orders. She had a brilliant ability to herd a group of slightly-drunken and excitable people into an orderly fashion may I add, which is no mean feat! Then our beautiful starters arrived.

The starter

We had chosen the only option that could be veganised which was the asparagus and vine tomatoes with pea shoots (I think), drizzled with balsamic vinegar and topped with vegan parmesan cheese. It was so incredibly simple and tasty; it was a welcome change to any starter I would usually have.

The Main Event

Next up was the main. Now the restaurant did slip up a little here due too not noting our vegan choices down. So when the main meals started coming out, there was no sign of ours. I mentioned that there were 2 vegan burgers that we were waiting for and the staff looked a bit concerned but hurried away to sort it. It only took them a few minutes to rectify the issue and cook us up our burgers, which I was really impressed about. Also the waitress came out and apologised to us. I really didn’t mind- I just wanted food! It was a bit embarrassing and it would have been good if this hadn’t of happened but mistakes do happen; it’s about how you handle them and I can say that the staff were honest, helpful and apologetic.

It was worth waiting for.

The burgers were great; however I use the term ‘burger’ not in it’s usual sense. The ‘burger’ was comprised of 2 large onion rings, wedges of perfectly cooked sweet potato, a few large chunks of onion and a slice of beef tomato at the bottom, all enclosed in a bun. It was unorthodox but it worked!

The presentation was flawless. I was eyeing up little chip baskets the other day while shopping in Asda and I think they look really smart on the plate.

Deserted For Dessert

Unfortunately there were no vegan options for is to choose for dessert, despite being told on the phone that they would be able to create a fruit salad. It was a niggle but I wasn’t too hungry so I didn’t mind too much.


We were sat outside on the patio bit, due to our group being quite large. The area was peaceful and well decorated with blankets available if you got cold. It’s all under cover so if it rained it would have been fine and quite relaxing with the sound of raindrops rhythmically drumming on the corrugated roof.

We stayed until late into the evening and the area was lit up with fairy lights. The waitress explained that because the music was floating across from The K-Bar next door, they wouldn’t put theirs on; which was lovely of her. We even had a little dance of the Charleston stroll while some of the others finished their desserts.
Overall we had a great night due to the attentiveness of our waitress and the beautiful surroundings. The only downside was our mix up with our mains and no dessert options. I think, if I had to rate it i’d give it a 4.5 out of 5.

Contact the restaurant

At Twenty5 Facebook Page

At Twenty5 Trip Advisor  (They are currently the #2 restaurant in Ipswich)


Thanks for reading!

Best of luck always,

Vee x


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