Cake & Revolution: Ipswich’s Brand New WI

img_20160916_135105.jpgThe power and energy in the room on Thursday was incredible. I was humbled by the amount of women willing to be a part of something bigger than themselves and to be a part of Ipswich’s history. Viva La Revolución!

I started writing this article the day after the initial WI meeting, as I was still so excited about it. However I was unable to finish and post it until a few days after.

There were about 130 women that turned up to this initial meeting in which the group’s name was chosen, memberships were processed and of course tea and cake were consumed. There were lovely posters up on the wall that detailed the ideas for the future Campaigns,  Workshops and Groups.

The Workshop poster that looked so exciting
Posters up for Workshops and Groups

Overnight Cake & Revolution became the biggest WI group within The Suffolk East Federation  with a total of 105 signing up on the night, making a whopping total of 120 members. Unfortunately membership has had to be capped due to such high numbers and a waiting list has been created. If you want to be put onto the waiting list then you can email

^ Click the pictures bigger

There was such a buzz around the room all evening and the 15 board members, along with a little extra help, had worked so hard to get everything ready for the night.

A fun competition was to make your own name badges and you would receive the golden star trophy until next month. Here’s my effort:


It was made from recycled materials I found around my house; some old tissue paper that was packing paper, an old cereal box, some scrap card and an old badge back. It represents my love of clouds  and being a member of The Cloud Appreciation Society.  My favourite cloud being a cumulonimbus cloud; mainly because they are so easy to spot but mainly because they usually lead to storms and heavy rain, which I also love. Admittedly it looks a little depressing!20160915_212149-1.jpg

The local press came along to the event
and took our picture… which i’m waiting to be sent to me so I can put it up here. In the meantime, you can read the news article here.
All in all it was a great night; meeting new women, catching up with old school friends, feeling empowered and feeling pumped with new ideas.

I’m off to sew my cushion cover for the October competition. Wish me luck!

Best of luck, as always

Vee X


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