Upcycled Crochet Cushion

A post where crochet and upcycling meet and really compliment each other


Hello again and welcome to another crafty post… I haven’t done one of these in a while. I thought I’d share how I used some scrap granny squares and a cheap cushion from a boot-sale to make this beautiful, durable cushion cover.

The October WI group challenge was to make a cushion; whether you make one from scratch of embellish an existing one; make something for your tush and they pick a winner.


When I first started to crochet I made some small granny squares; some with a circle middle and some with squares.

So the whole front of this cushion is made up of 9 granny squares joined using the slip stitch method then 5 lines of bordering stitch. I had already made the squares and stitched them together before getting the pillow; I recommend that you have the pillow first so you can size up the crochet panel you are making to ensure the fit. I managed to pick up this red cushion cover from a local bootsale for about £1.50 and it was just the perfect red; I was so happy when I found it!

The beginning of 1 of the squares with an odd one in the background

The above picture has one of the squares and a random circle I was trying out. This square is one of the 9 that I put together to make the crochet panel for the cushion. Also pictured is my favourite metal 4mm hook. I keep all of my crochet hooks safe in my handy Crochet Hook Roll-up (click to see a quick & simple tutorial).

The ‘wrong’ side after joining with slip stitch

Joining Method

I debated for a while whether to keep this side (pictured above) as the right side or the wrong side because I quite  liked the unfinished look. Husband Gruff preferred the non-join side as the ‘right’ side so I went with that choice, instead and while I like it, I think it could work either way.

I have used the invisible join method before and felt like trying something a bit different and stronger. So this time I used the slip stitch joining method, found here.

Once joined I then went around the edge of all of the squares, using the colours I used in the squares and ending with black.

How-To Steps

  1. Find a cushion that you would like to partially (or fully cover)
  2. Create 9 -15 squares (dependant on the size of your cushion) using various colours of yarn ( if fully covering the cushion you will require double the amount of squares)
  3. Choose a joining method and carry it out
  4. Double crochet all the way around the joined granny squares. Repeat this step for as much as you need to, until you have the required size.
  5. If making just the front panel then hand sew the panel onto the cushion cover. If you are making the whole cover then create your two panels and sew or crochet all the way around.
  6. If the cushion is for a chair: make 2 slip stitch chains and attach them to the back edge of the pillow (see picture below)
I made this slip stitch chain with 3 strands of double knit yarn attached at its middle
The straps in action

Good luck with making your cushion; however you make it! Here are some more pictures…including Mochi cat ‘helping’.

^Click the pictures bigger

Best of luck, as always

Vee x

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