DIY Mini-Zine

I followed this tutorial on making a Zine from a single piece of A4 paper. With a couple of precise folds and a snip in the right place; you have a mini Zine.

There is something empowering about creating things; from the initial idea right through the process to giving or selling it to someone else.

Subject Matter

I am yet to find my tone or subject matter with my Zines, so far, being largely based on biographical text and illustrations/doodles. I also don’t think I’ll have a set name as each Zine I create may be about something different and I feel a name would restrict what could be the content. The Front page may as well succinctly detail the contents so that another page inside isn’t dedicated to this; with these Zines being only 8 pages; minimal description is required.

Also, I can’t think of a cool, catchy name that I like.

Branching out

Since starting the draft of this post about Zines, I have coloured some of the above Zines text in, created some mini accordion ones (see below) and printed some stickers (below).

Today I took a few of these in to my work, along with the mini accordion ones and stickers, and placed them in the breakout area for people to read or take. It was kind of scary actually because unlike a blog post; once it’s out there in print, you can’t edit it or take it back. One of my colleagues liked one and took one, so it’s not a total loss.


My Body My Choice

The stickers were developed from a  doodle I made a few nights ago. I then copied it a few times to perfect the design and ended up printing out about 20 on some recycled card stock I picked up. I much prefer using the recycled card stock than the stark white, bleached paper; it also makes the sticker a bit more sturdy.

My Body My Choice. Paper copies before printing a sheet of them on the recycled cardstock

To save extra printing costs on special sticker paper I placed 2 strips of double sided tape on the reverse of the image. I finished it of by writing my Instagram / Twitter handle at the bottom.


I printed the images on both sides of the recycled cardstock, making some prints darker than others. (I prefer the darker brown side than using the lighter side.)


Everyone that has seen the larger mini zines read them intently and had smiles on their faces. This is the desired effect. I hope that, after seeing them, people will maybe be inspired to pick up a pen and create a doodle or maybe even make their own mini-zine. It’s just about having some fun and choosing different ways to stay creative.


Questions For You, The Reader

  • Have you ever made a Zine?
  • How did you find out about them?
  • If you have made Zines then how did you distribute them?
  • If you are UK based then is there a group that you are part of?


Best wishes always,

Vee x


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