For the Love of Bees

This month, as part of my local WI group (Cake & Revolution WI), we were set the (optional) task of taking part in the #showthelove campaign. 

You can read more about it here. Basically you make a green heart, putting something inside it that you care about that is affected by climate change. You then wear it and share it on Valentine’s day. 

I chose bees because, let’s face it;  they are awesome. They are so tiny but yet so mighty and without their mad pollination skills we wouldn’t be able to grow the crops we currently do. So, thank you bees.

In Short

Climate change is changing seasons and affecting when flowers bloom. This causes a cascade affect which impacts on bees, pollination and blooming. I was reading the abstract for one study on peer-reviewed website Science Direct that looked at pollination decreasing due to shrinking bee habitats in Brazil because of climate change. There are, of course, several other sources out there.

So have a think; is there anything that you love and care about that is going to be affected by climate change? Perhaps it is already being affected. If so, is there anything you can do to assist with the issue? 

Best of luck, always,

Vee 🙂 


  • Tereza C. Giannini
  • André L. Acosta
  • Vera L. Imperatriz-Fonseca
  • (10 October 2012 )
  • Vol.244:127–131, doi:10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2012.06.035
  • Pollination services at risk: Bee habitats will decrease owing to climate change in Brazil

      2 Comments Add yours

      1. Phil Huston says:

        Nice Bee badge. I heard that bees in the US are being burdened with a fungus that increases their body mass. They’ve always had it, but now it’s getting out of hand and they aren’t as agile or able to travel as far.


        1. veenessar says:

          Aww poor bees. I hadn’t heard about that but will read into it- thanks Phil 🙂


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