Kicks Count: Reduced Fetal Movement

IMG_20170605_141807_866I’m just over 30 weeks pregnant now and it’s had it’s ups and downs. Mostly downs until recently where my sickness stopped (at about 28 weeks) and I felt that i could come off of my anti sickness meds. From then on it’s been great, except for the heartburn / GERD playing up.

Due to feeling better I have these bursts of energy that lasted all day yesterday; blitzing the bathroom, kitchen, washing the dishes, doing a towel wash, making lots of food. I finally feel like i’m nearly back to my usual self.

Last night I sat down after a busy day and thought that I didn’t feel much movement from Bean. I ate a handful of sweets, laid on my side to see if I could feel some kicks then promptly fell asleep 😂.

This morning still nothing like usual so I contacted the midwives and they were fantastic. They didn’t make me feel silly, said that it was the right thing to do and that I should come right in. Of course I started to feel some wriggles while in the waiting room; bloody Bean!
They hooked me up to these heart & contraction monitors & I got to hear our Bean’s heartbeat for the first time. One big roll and I started feeling the regular kicks; he must’ve been kicking / facing inwards so I couldn’t feel it.

I am so glad I went for this check-up. Please, please don’t put it off when you suspect reduced or lack of fetal movement; call your local midwife line immediately and I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to help. Check out @kicks.count for more info.