Stuffed Seitan 

Stuffed seitan loaf

Stuffed seitan! I love seitan and it’s flexibility in taste, flavour and texture.

I followed the Maple Spice recipe for ‘vegan turkey deli slices’ and changed some ingredients for what I had in my pantry (added in liquid smoke and smoked paprika for flavour, too). I thought I’d try something different so I halved the mix and separated it up into 2 ‘loaves’, mainly because it wouldnt fit into my steamer otherwise. 1 loaf I then stuffed with stuffing (premixed but not cooked) and 1 I have sliced and will use as sandwich ‘meat’.

Sliced seitan with stuffing

Vegan roast dinnerwith stuffed seitan
Vegan roast dinner featuring the stuffed seitan

Sliced stuffed seitan


2 thoughts on “Stuffed Seitan 

  1. That’s a lot of work when Tofurkey (which is actually seitan not tofu) is on the shelf at Central Market, but I like the concept of forming it to purpose! And liquid smoke is like a food group unto itself. I do a crock pot with three white beans and Tofurkey, cream of potato soup, chopped red onions and steamed veg on top. Simple, forget about it all day until its time to eat it!

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    1. Hey Phil; it really isn’t much work at all. Reason I chose to cook it is because unless I travel into my town centre (which I can’t do at the minute as I’m overdue and super painful from pregnancy) or pay for delivery from a specialist shop, then I can’t buy it. I’m guessing Central market is a U.S shop? I’m UK based; while our supermarkets have most bits sandwich ‘meat’ slices and roasts just aren’t something they stock unfortunately. Plus it’s quite cheap to make your own. Longest thing is the cooking time of this 🙂


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