For Fox Sake! A Cross-stitched Gift

Foxes are damned cute and look great in crossstitch form. You could stitch this for yourself or a friend; for xmas or a birthday and I guarantee it will look awesome.

Before Xmas I received a mysterious and unexpected package in the post that was full of different fabrics from a friend who was having a clear out of her stash. It was out of the blue and such a lovely thing to do. As a result I got off my butt and lino printed some xmas cards cards (So I could send her one) and made her a decoration for her tree.

I’ve been meaning to post this draft for a while but kept forgetting. I hope you can count the stitches if you want to remake this but it was super easy.

I found the image here and just enlarged it by a factor of 2 and added 3d whiskers. I love the whiskers the most; I feel like they really give it character.

Have fun and keep it crafty!

Vee x

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  1. Phil Huston says:

    Great idea, and the title made it worth double!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. veenessar says:

      Thanks Phil! I enjoyed making it and ended up making another for a different friend who liked the first one so much. Got to love a good pun 🙂


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