DIY Handsoap & Facewash

items to make handsoap
Collection of items to make the hand soap and facial cleanser

While doing #plasticfreejuly I wanted to see if I could reduce our consumption of plastic in our house. I did some research about Dr Bronner’s Castile Soap and decided to try out making some soaps to replace our usual shop bought ones.

Dr Bronner’s soap is a surfactant and is not anti-bacterial. However, I’ve fallen down the the internet rabbit hole searching for whether antibacterial soap is actually necessary. I had a look at this article on anti-bacterial soap and this article on soap.

Something that might have more clout is the UK Government’s 5 year plan to tackle Antimicrobial Resistance that’s worth a read if you want some bedtime reading. The focus is on healthcare and medications, but humans as a group are a contributing factor to antimicrobials entering the environment, as demonstrated in this infographic. It’s scary to think that what we wash down our sink must have an impact on the environment on a microbial level.

“Reducing the unintentional exposure of people, animals and environments to antiinfectives (including cleaning products such as antibacterial sprays), antimicrobials and drug-resistant organisms… is important in reducing the risk of AMR developing and spreading”.

Tackling antimicrobial resistance 2019–2024


handmade hand soap
  • 85ml Castile Soap
  • 1 Tbsp liquid Coconut Oil / Almond Oil
  • 8 drops Tea Tree Oil
  • 250 ml water (either filtered or boiled then cooled)

Add the soap then the oil, followed by the essential oil and then top up with water.

**I purchased the soap dispenser from TKMax for about £3. I had to go for a non-breakable dispenser due to having Little One around.


  • 80ml Castile Soap
  • 6 Drops Lavender Oil
  • 1 Tbsp Almond / liquid Coconut Oil
  • 360ml water (either filtered or boiled and cooled)

Add the soap then the oil, followed by the essential oil and then top up with water.

What Did We Think?

We loved using these products. The handsoap made our hands feel clean and soft; we both have a tendency fr dry, sensitive skin but our hands have felt lovely and not dry at all using this soap.

The facial wash is equally as good. Husband Gruff even commented that that the essential oils makes him think of using the proucts at our local Spa.

I think that’s important that when we use products they make us happy and the essential oils in these products made us feel relaxed as well as the products themselves cleaning well.

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