Week 3: The Unintended Interconnectivity of Low Waste and Mindfulness

Welcome to week 3 detailing our plastic free July journey. You can see the previous posts here:

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Week 3

This week was a bit slower than the last 2. I feel like the bulk of our swaps and knowledge has already occurred in the last 2 weeks. This week was all about sorting and maintaining our sustainable mindset. That isn’t to say that there hasn’t been anything to learn or improve on. Far from it infact.


We did our 1st shop from Cupboard Love at the weekend and it was delivered on Wednesday. The food was all so fresh and everything came wrapped in paper bags, in a box. It made me feel great because it had no plastic wrap at all.

We will definitely be using them again, for sure.

Pet Food Pouch Recycling

Pet food pouches washed and ready for recycling

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but this week I decided to start washing out all of Mochi cat’s food pouches and saving them. This is because there is a local recycling point for pet food pouches at the local Emmaus shop that send them off to Terracycle. You can find your local public drop off point here.

Zero Waste Finds

  • Sustainable Cotton Yarn: I’ve wanted to buy some yarn for shower scrubbies, but I don’t want to use acrylic due to microplastic issues. So I’ve fallen down the internet rabbit hole of finding some sustainable cotton. I found this one that states:
    • ” It is hand-dyed by Nurturing Fibres whilst having the least amount of impact on the environment. Borehole water is used in the dye baths which has been heated by solar power. The water used is then ph balanced and used to irrigate olive trees “
  • Metal squeegee for the shower. Found in Asda for £5. We needed to replace it so thought I’d go for metal instead of plastic.
Metal Squeegee
  • Not really a ‘find’ but while sorting through kitchen towels I found a few that had got tatty and old. I cut them up and I’ve been using them as reusable surface wipes. It’s nothing new in our household to use reusable wipes; I just needed some more. I do need to serge or sew the edges due to severe unravelling!
Upcycled Towels to Surface Wipes
Faith by Nature soap being chopped before combining with boiling water
  • Handsoap – the handsoap that I posted about in my previous blog here initially wet well. We used the whole dispenser worth then Husband Gruff declared he didn’t like the oily feeling it left on his hands. I also wasn’t a fan of the smell and the texture was very runny. During the week I melted a bar of soap with boiling water and poured into a dispenser. It was waaaay way too thick but after adding some water it was great and it’s lasted a long time.
Hand soap all ready to go

I’ve even decanted half of the dispenser into the now empty dispenser and topped up with water. It is lovely and thick and makes our hands feel squeaky clean.

I think this will be a keeper and i’m currently researching quicker ways of melting soap because this took a lifetime!


  • I’ve been listening to the Mama Minimalist podcast that has been nothing less than inspiring. I recommend checking out the link or finding it on the google podcast app. It’s got a lot of content that is aligned with what I want to listen to like sustainable and conscious fashion, capsule wardrobes, decluttering, less is more etc etc.
  • I’ve also been listening to The wise consumer podcast which is chock full of great ideas.
  • Did you know that ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo’ series is on Netflix? Go, go go!

Things I’ve noticed

Things started happening and falling into place this week. It felt like I really entered a different mindset that my thought process we a little different.

From buying our food more mindfully, I found that I was buying less. Because I was buying less I had less to chose from which in turn made decisions quicker and easier to make. planning our meals was made more simple by having a good knowledge of what food we had.

This jumper didn’t ‘spark joy’, so I made it into a cardigan. Now it sparks much joy.

I applied this mindset and newfound ability to make easier decisions to different aspects of my life, not just our food. This week I’ve sorted out all of my clothes and gave the Konmari method another try. I would estimate I have kept about 40% of the clothes and accessories and made sure that I have kept them intentionally because they fit, I feel good when I use/wear them and they ‘spark joy’. Even now there are a few things that I could probably get rid of, but I want to see how my new wardrobe goes before I purge everything because it might be that I use things differently now I can see all of the things I want to use.

Buying Mindfully

Buying Less

Simplified Decision Making

Our back bedroom, which is our craft/games room but is currently a storage/junk room, is in desperate need of sorting. This week, with my newfound motivation, I have decided to tackled it. I’ve given my Ma about 4 large bags of things for her charity shop including a lot of my craft books. The result is a space where I can access a lot of my crafting supplies and books. This is a small victory in that room, though there is still some more bits to sort.

From being more mindful I found that i’m being more honest and realistic with myself of what to expect and what projects I can complete. This has encouraged positivity within myself and a renewed sense of ownership of my space. I now feel relaxed and happy when I enter our bedroom and I know that everything is tidy. I get the same feelings in our craft/games room, with the added ability to actually find materials and tools that I’m looking for.

I can’t wait to see what challenges week 4 holds for us and how different our house will look and feel. How is your #plasticfreejuly going?

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