Red January; an Active Start to 2020

This year I’ve decided to sign up to Red January, which means every day I’ll have to be active for (atleast) 15 minutes for 31 days throughout January 2020.

This is what I’m looking forward to and what I’m hoping to gain at the end of the 31 days:

  • Increased fitness (I’ll be increasing activity / reps as the month goes on)
  • A positive mental attitude thayt will probably come from being more active
  • Raising a little bit of cash for the charity Mind
  • Increased strength (might be able to increase my kettlebell weights, do more reps or increase resistance on the exercise bike)
  • Better use of my time (possible multitasking of exercising as I work)
  • Taking part in different activities to meet the minimum 15 minutes
  • Strengthening the bond/ team spirit with my work colleagues as some of us are taking part together
  • Extra 15 mins of break (to be used for being active) which has been rewarded to all staff from my employer to support Red January

Red January Page

I’ve set up a page here to list and keep track of the blog series. I’ll update this daily.

I’ve also got a fundraising page here, if you’re feeling generous.

Jan 1st, 2020

Today I was moderately active by cooking breakfast, walking around shops, lifting & carrying shopping and the pram. In the evening I then really quickly cleaned the kitchen, bedroom, cleared my wardrobe, changed the bedsheets, put washing away in littlelegs’ room and generally tidied up.

I was going to do exercise ontop of this, after littlelegs went to bed, but my Fitbit had the following read out

Left is distance covered in miles, middle is estimated KCal burned and right is minutes active

Because my Fitbit counted my cleaning/ clear up/ quick run-around as activity, I didn’t worry about doing another 15 mins ontop of that. I did, however:

  • Do simple stretches before my shower, as I do every morning to wake up
  • 15 squats
  • 15 squats with single knee raise
  • Series of stretches on the floor for my legs.
  • Stood in ‘horse stance’ until my legs burned (roughly 20 seconds)

One thing I’dbreally like to gain back is my flexibility and ability to stretch my legs, and hips. I think my leg muscles are quite tight so it’ll take some work, most definitely more than a month but 31 days will give me a good start.

Are you taking part in Red January? Of so, drop me a line. Good luck! 🙂

Vee x

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