Week Roundup & 5th Jan; Red January

Activity Level: low – moderate
Activities: stretches, kettlebells, sit-ups, squats, exercise bike
Location: home
15 mins target met?: Yes
Fitbit readout: see below

Distance covered, miles (left), estimated kCal burn (middle), mins active (right)

Today’s Activities:

  • General cleaning and tidying up
  • 35 squats, weighted with 8kg kettlebell
  • 10 sit-ups
  • 10 russian twists (weighted with 8kg kettlebell)
  • 15 mins on exercise bike

I know that I never would have done any of the above if it wasn’t for this challenge.

First Week Thoughts

This first week, just 5 days, has proved very beneficial so far. So far I have managed to get atleast 15 mins of exercise a day, without too much of a struggle.

An unexpected benefit to finding 15 minutes a day, is that I am finding 15 minutes that I am just focussing on myself and personal fitness goals. Usually I find it difficult to stop and carve out time for myself, but it’s felt really good and healthy to be motivated to.

Because of Red January so far, I’ve done:

  • 95 squats
  • 45 minutes on the exercise bike
  • 20 minutes kettlebell work
  • 20 sit-ups
  • Yoga

I know that I never would have done any of the above if it wasn’t for this challenge. Once all the numbers are totalled up, it’s a great way to see progress and achievement. Like, 95 squats?! That’s insane, but great!

Next week I think I’m going to focus on increasing my use of kettlebells, increasing the number of squats or perhaps multiple sets so my legs don’t fall off from exhaustion.

The coming week will be my first at work since the 20th December ( that’s a whopping 17 days off work!). It’ll also be my first week doing Red January at work, too. I think it’ll take me a few work days to get the feel of how to work 15 minutes into my day, but I’m hoping that we can all keep eachother motivated in the office.

You can read the previous post for 4th Jan here

Thanks for reading. )

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