Functional Activity & 7th Jan: Red January

Activity Level: moderate
Activities: squats, moving furniture, tidying
Location: home
15 mins target met?: yes
Fitbit readout: see below

Today’s Activities:

  • General cleaning and tidying up (hoovering, washing up etc)
  • 45 squats
  • Lifting piece of furniture (3 drawer unit) from downstairs to upstairs
  • Rearranging and tidying LJ’s room

This week I’ve been thinking about functional fitness/exercises and how I can work more exercise into my day without it being exercise, because time!

I’ve found an article, not the specific one I wanted, but it has some good ideas. The problem with me is that I like to multitask and get as much done t the same time as possible while not affecting the quality of what I’m doing. So if I apply this to exercising or being active, then it only makes sense that I use everyday chores as a way to be more active daily.

This is how I see functional activity/exercises working for me:

  • Doing a chore I would need to do anyway but being mindful of posture, energy exerted and length of time doing the activity. This could apply to things like scrubbing the shower, squatting every time I’m picking washing up from the basket or hoovering vigorously.
  • Making the most of my time with LJ. I can use the time that we’re together to get out and move; in nature, in the garden in a park. Also at home, there are some bits that I need to do and he can help.
  • Making sure our space is clear. By clearing up every evening I’m lifting, carrying, walking and up and down the stairs. This will help me feel better mentally as I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished something.

I’m thinking that the following are ways I can increase activity in my day without realising:

  • Hoover, scrub & mop
  • Clear up/tidy up daily
  • Do more loads of washing (more carrying, squatting and lifting)
  • Play physically with LJ (picking him up etc- he’s 18kg!)
  • Get into the garden with LJ and do gardening
  • Go for a nature walk with LJ
  • Stripping the beds weekly (currently doing)

There are going to be more things that I have missed out but I think I’ll have to plan my time better to ensure that I work functional activities in. I still want to make time to do my stationary bike or yoga though.

You can see yesterday’s post for the 6th Jan here. Also, my Red January page is here.

Vee x

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