Week Roundup & 13th January: Red January

The start of the 3rd week and I’m going in strong. I feel really motivated and I’m enjoying the exercises. I’m finding 15 minutes really manageable and I’m surprised and happy how all the 15 minutes add up.

I’m trying to mix up the activities that I do to give myself variation and to work different parts of my body in different ways.

Week 2 recap:

Last week I did a total of:

  • 255 squats
  • 20 minutes of gardening
  • 15 mins on exercise bike
  • Stretches/yoga

13th Jan:

Activity Level: moderate
Activities: cleaning the kitchen, clearing under the stairs & 15 mins exercise bike
Location: home
15 mins target met?: yes
Fitbit readout: see below

Additional Activities:

  • Cleaning and tidying up (hoovering, washing up, folding laundry, mopping the floor, cleaning the sides and hob)
  • 60 squats
  • 15 mins exercise bike

You can see my last post for the 12th Jan here. Also, my Red January page is here.

Vee x