14th January: Red January

Activity Level: low-moderate
Activities: cleaning the kitchen & 10 mins exercise bike
Location: home
15 mins target met?: yes
Fitbit readout: see below

Additional Activities:

  • 5 squats (my knees need a rest, so I needed to do less)
  • Stretches/yoga
  • 10 mins on exercise bike (wanted to do more but I’ve got a banging headache)

I’m learning quite a lot about my motivation, thought processes and activity level by taking part in Red January.

  • I am less likely to ‘move’ on my ‘in office’ days. This makes it harder to meet the 15 mins of activity
  • Working on ‘functional movement’ i.e doing stuff that needs to be done around the house, works really well for me. It means that I complete my tasks as well as moving.
  • I can feel my enjoyment for exercise returning along with some stamina.
  • I am finding that I can exert myself on the bike more and for longer.
  • My food/snacking choices have improved because I want to be properly fuelled for exercise.

You can see my last post for the 14th Jan here. Also, my Red January page is here.

Vee x

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