15th January: Red January

Activity Level: low-moderate
Activities: cleaning the kitchen & 20 mins exercise bike
Location: home
15 mins target met?: yes
Fitbit readout: see below

Additional Activities:

  • 5 squats (my knees need a rest, so I needed to do less)
  • Stretches/yoga
  • 20 mins on exercise bike
  • Cleaned kitchen
  • Walking to and from buses

I’m trying to incorporate 20 minutes of activity instead of the standard 15 minutes. I’m trying to slowly work my way up to 30 minutes and increase my stamina. I’m really close to doing 30 mins at a fast pace. Today atleast 10 minutes were just less than sprinting speed, for me. I’m in no rush to attain anything though, I’m just enjoying the journey 🙂

You can see my last post for the 14th Jan here. Also, my Red January page is here.

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