Preemptive Mending & Prolonging The Life of Clothes

I ‘ve always been into sewing, upcycling and creating things. So the act of mending items has been normal to me. I’ll always try to fix something before just chucking it away and clothes are no exception.

With the arrival of our son in 2017 (he’s just over 2 now!) we had, and still have, an abundance of clothes and toys that were both new and second hand (Mostly second hand).

When clothes are second hand, there’s a good chance that there will be worn areas or possibly the beginnings of small holes or threadbare patches. This happened yesterday while I was sorting some of LJ’s clothes out. While sorting through some boxes of clothes, as I do every few months to check the sizes of them, I found 2 trousers that were worn and thinning at the knees.

I’m calling this a ‘preemptive mend’ because there is no hole and the area isn’t threadbare. This mend is to reinforce and to add strength to a weakened area that has a lot of use. Basically i’m intervening before the area gets any worse.

Before mending: you can see where the knees have started to wear thin

I instantly thought of blue with these brown trousers. This fabric was from my stash and it’s just the blue I wanted.

Started to mend

I couldn’t decide what stitch to do, so I thought a simple running stitch would suffice. I may end up adding to the pattern at some point; like making crosses by going left to right in running stitches too.

Since the initial writing of this post I have been learning about the origins of the Japanese Sashiko and Boro techniques; the methods involved and surrounding philosophy. I cannot comfortably call this Boro, but it is definitely inspired by it.

I’ve got a few other projects on the go so I’ll post some more on the subject of mending.

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