#Mendmarch : Week 1

Mendmarch is a daily challenge for March set up by @Visiblemend on Instagram.

So here is the 1st week prompt list:

1 . Slowly

Slow mend on the knee of some jeans

This is a knee mend on a pair of my son’s jeans. They’re a bit too big for him at the moment so I have a while to mend these. I’ve been mending these slowly and haven’t finished them yet after about a month.

2 . Needy

These jeans were needy. In need of some TLC to make them shine once again. They are a pair of my son’s jeans, secondhand, and they were thinning at the knees. They were a great excuse to get the new Sashiko thread out and do a simple mend. I think it only took 2 evenings to finish these, which is good because I don’t really want another mending project on the go!

3 . Holey

Oh dear. This one has been on my to-do list for a while. I’m still not sure how I’m going to mend this one but i’m going to take it slow. It’s a cushion that I brought from a boot-sale and upcycled with some granny squares and seat ties. Because I made it I want to repair it and prolong it’s life… i’m just not sure how i’m going to do it, but I definitely need to stop the unraveling!

4 . Woolly

These are a pair of my husband’s slipper socks. Much loved and they had a big hold on each heel. The Swiss darning technique was shared by @milli_and_the_bee and there’s this YouTube video that’s helpful too. I really enjoyed learning this technique and the mend is really strong and thick.

Swiss darning on the heels of socks

5 . Dress

The corner of the pocket ripped as I was pulling this on once. Drat. It needs reinforcing and mending, which I shall get right on!

6 . Mess

Mending can be messy. This is the underneath of a patch that I made. Amazingly it’s not one of my messiest!

7 . Confess

I must confess that I have been staring at this stool for far too long and I need to fix it. The cat used it as a scratching post and the threads have come unravelled. I’m thinking of using some jean scraps and using what I have, rather than buying something to fix it with.

8 . Fundamental

Hoping that little one loves mending as much as I do. It teaches him concentration, achievement, hand eye coordination, pattern making and so much more I bet. I love watching him sewing, it makes my heart fill with joy 🙂

And that’s the end of week 1!