Stay Radical and Repair

My friend Sadie contacted me and asked whether her slipper boots could be saved. Of course I agreed, not knowing the extent of the damage but excited to start the project. This is the first time I’ve been asked to mend an item that wasn’t from someone in my immediate family. I was a bit…

#Mendmarch : Week 1

Mendmarch is a daily challenge for March set up by @Visiblemend on Instagram. So here is the 1st week prompt list: View this post on Instagram Week One #mendmarch -3 days! Here are your mendmarching orders— full month posted a few back. Recap: it’s an instagram challenge but not as you know it, there’s no…

Plastic Free Present Wrapping

Anyone who knows me personally will know that I can’t let a perfectly lovely piece of wrapping paper go to waste. Our good friend had a birthday and to wrap her items I used some beautiful paper that had wrapped my own birthday gift. I’d been carefully saving it for this purpose. There was no…

Upcycled Gift Bow

Something quick & simple I made the other night. It was a bit fiddly and took more time than I remembered but I like the look of it 🙂

Zero Waste & Low Cost Mother’s Day

If you are anything like me you hoard things just incase you need them… If you’re not like that then I urge you to try it; it makes making stuff so much easier!

Vegetable Printing

Affordable eco printing at home. Perfect for gifts and just to kill time

It’s a Wrap

Trying to be leaner? Greener? Trying to save a bit of cash? I recommend giving these nifty Wrap N Mats  a go and you won’t want to reach for the cling film or foil again.