#Mendmarch : Week 1

Mendmarch is a daily challenge for March set up by @Visiblemend on Instagram. So here is the 1st week prompt list: View this post on Instagram Week One #mendmarch -3 days! Here are your mendmarching orders— full month posted a few back. Recap: it’s an instagram challenge but not as you know it, there’s no…

22nd January; Red January

Today I went for a 15 min walk which served as a needed break from my desk. While on my walk I was able to listen to a podcast on journalling as meditation. I feel like I’m in a good space for self reflection this past week and see that journalling and journalling exercises could…

15th January: Red January

Activity Level: low-moderateActivities: cleaning the kitchen & 20 mins exercise bikeLocation: home15 mins target met?: yesFitbit readout: see below Additional Activities: 5 squats (my knees need a rest, so I needed to do less) Stretches/yoga 20 mins on exercise bike Cleaned kitchen Walking to and from buses I’m trying to incorporate 20 minutes of activity instead of the standard…

Week Roundup & 13th January: Red January

The start of the 3rd week and I’m going in strong. I feel really motivated and I’m enjoying the exercises. I’m finding 15 minutes really manageable and I’m surprised and happy how all the 15 minutes add up. I’m trying to mix up the activities that I do to give myself variation and to work…

11th & 12th January: Red January

Busy, busy weekend and falling asleep in my son’s room while getting him to sleep meant that I haven’t have much time for stuff. So here’s a post about my weekend Red January.

10th January: Red January

I missed out days 8 & 9 because illness and life. So here I am, starting at day 10. Still ill but trying 🙂 Activity Level: moderateActivities: gardening, hoovering & tidyingLocation: home15 mins target met?: yesFitbit readout: see below Additional Activities: General cleaning and tidying up (hoovering through, washing up etc) 50 squats At least 20 minutes of gardening Rearranging…

4th Jan; Red January

Activity Level: moderate and constantActivities: stretches, squats, walkingLocation: home & Clacton sea front15 mins target met?: YesFitbit readout: see below

3rd Jan: Red January

Activity Level: low – moderateActivities: kettlebell, stretches, yogaLocation: home15 mins target met?: YesFitbit readout: see below

2nd Jan; Red January

Starting today I’ll use the following post format to keep creating daily posts as simple as possible. Activity Level: moderateActivities: walking, exercise bikeLocation: town, home15 mins target met?: YesFitbit readout: see below