Mission of 2017

Reduction in process; bags of our old stuff for a local charity shop

So I’m still continuing my mission of 2016, which was to reduce my reliance on one-use commodities.

Last year I:

  • Switched to using reusable pantyliners
  • Switched to using reusable cleansing pads
  • Switched to reusable surface wipes (but not for cat messes)
  • Tried to buy bigger containers of goods to save on packaging
  • Tried to buy items with recyclable packaging instead of the alternative
  • Tried to buy 2nd hand when we could
  • Attempted to be as mindful as possible when purchasing and disposing of goods

My husband and I are expecting our 1st (and, probably, only) child in August this year. I’m sure that this will bring its own thoughts and processes to work through with trying to be as low- impact as I feel is sustainable for me and my family.

As a result, this year I’d like to focus on:

  • Less is more; we probably won’t have much money this year, so it’s about time to practice what I preach
  • Making more homemade cleaners
  • Making more hearty dishes to store in the freezer for dinners. This will save energy and time
  • Getting rid of clutter. I’m hoping this will help me to see what I have and that it will help me with the ‘less is more’ point, above.
  • Planning my time; I’m currently using a bullet journal for this (working out weekly meals and savings)
  • Cut down on the amount of food packaging I get rid of (rant about inappropriate supermarket packaging is on the horizon)

I’ll still try to keep this blog updated; I imagine I’ll need to keep an outlet open to the real world when in baby land.